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Frontline Test Equipment 802.11 Protocol Analyzer

Frontline is the world’s leading provider of Bluetooth, NFC, 802.11 and USB protocol analysis technology. Frontline’s key customers span the entire gambit of the consumer electronic marketplace – from chip manufacturers all the way to software stack vendors and developers. 84 out of the Fortune 100 companies use Frontline tools and services.

The Challenge

Frontline was launching a new line of 802.11 a/b/g/n protocol analyzers called ComProbe 802.11.  However, Frontline required 802.11n data collection at full theoretical rates with zero data loss (including all protocol overhead headers), precision timestamping of all data for Bluetooth co-existence analysis, 250GB of real-time data buffering, and compatibility with its PC-based ComProbe software.  Frontline also required assured long-life turnkey production on a private-labeled OEM basis.

The Solution

ADI Engineering started with a high-level architectural design to determine the unique CPU, FPGA, Wi-Fi chipset, software, and driver technologies required to achieve Frontline’s exacting requirements.  ADI developed the main board for 802.11 ComProbe as a derivative of one of our Intel Atom boards to reduce time to market and cost, adding an ADI-designed FPGA based packet analysis and timestamping engine.  Together with boot loader, OS, application software, chassis and mechanical designs from ADI, a complete product meeting Frontline’s requirements was designed, validated, and launched into manufacturing by ADI.  Ongoing ODM production services from ADI assure seamless delivery of private-labeled product with a level of innovation, service, and flexibility unattainable with conventional ODMs.

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